South Bus Sites

Zeitz Residence

  • Description: Roof Mounted on pitched roof 2.25kW w/Enphase Micro Inverters 9) 250w panels

Firenza Stone

  • Address: 33205 Curtis Blvd, Eastlake, OH 44095
  • Description: Roof Mounted on flat roof 248.4kW w/SolarEdge inverters 345W panels
    (Installation will begin 1st week in November) 

Mayfield Police

  • Address: 620 Som Center Rd. Mayfield Village, OH 44143
  • Description: 50 kW Solar PV on Police Station

Griesinger Residence

  • Description: Ground Mount 8.04kW 24)Suniva 335w panels with SolarEdge inverters

Curran-Tuskes Residence

  • Address: 18709 Riverview Drive, Chagrin Fall, OH 44023
  • Description: 9,690 Watt grid-tied, 3,240 of which supports battery backup system

WestWoods Nature Center

  • Address: 9465 Kinsman Road, Novelty, OH 44072
  • Description: This 902-acre park protects the historic sandstone ledges of Ansel’s Cave, Silver Creek and its watershed, extensive wetlands and mature forests. Nine trails total 6.95 miles. The park also has geothermal – (ground source heat pump) – 30, 300 ft deep wells, and Energy Efficient Features.

Kenston Schools

  • Address: 9500 Bainbridge Rd, Chagrin Falls Township, OH 44023
  • Description: Kenston High School and Middle School are partially powered by a large wind turbine, a solar array, and a solar thermal system. The Wind Turbine is an Aeronautica 750 kW on a 213 foot tall tower with a blade diameter of 177 feet. The primary photovoltaics array is made up of 126 panels with a peak rated output of 30,240 watts. There is a smaller (1,440 watt) reference array, and a 1,440 watt tracking array. The Solar Thermal array is made up of two 4 foot x 8 foot Alternative Energy Technologies collectors with a rated output of 79,200 British Thermal Units (BTU) feeding a 119 Gallon tank. Funding for the Solar Project came from a $250,000 Federal Race to the Top Innovation Grant. 

Lake Metroparks Farmpark

  • Address: 8800 Euclid Chardon Road, Kirtland, OH 44094
  • Description: Farmpark provides a connection to our agricultural roots, helping people understand where our food and clothing come from. Mention that you are on the Green Energy Ohio Tour and you will be admitted free during normal business hours to view their solar array and wind turbine.