Mentor Bus Sites

Rapini Residence

  • Address: 5947 Hopkins Road, Mentor, OH 44060
  • Description: This site is 3,600-Watt grid-tied with battery backup capabilities. Additional features include: simple geothermal system, solar water pumping, all-electric yard card, energy efficient appliances, and an electric car converted from a 1972 Honda.

NAPA Electric Car Rally

  • Address: 7900 Tyler Blvd., Mentor, OH 44060
  • Description: This is your chance to meet owners of Tesla’s, Bolt’s, Leaf’s, plus see a couple EV conversions (Honda and Porsche) and talk to their creators.

Kuivila Residence

  • Address: 8400 Lake Shore Blvd Mentor, OH 44060
  • Description: All-electric house, 90% of electricity coming from ground-mounted solar. Technologies featured include a geothermal ground source heat pump, and a 15.9 kW PV system.

Cres Cor

  • Address: 5925 Heisley Road, Mentor, OH 44060
  • Description: 435.6 kW ground-mounted solar, in service for approximately two years, expected to offset 40% of their electricity demand.

Roedig Residence

  • Address: 9525 Headlands Road, Mentor, OH 44060
  • Description: This site features a 1.5KW PV roof array, micro-inverters, grid-tied, battery backup. It was self-installed by the Roedigs in 2017.

Brown Residence

  • Address: 7179 Hart Street Mentor, OH 44060
  • Description: 2.52 kW Solar Installation comprised of 8 panels, 310 watts each. This installation has offset 70% of their home electric use.

Brunner Auto

  • Address: 7121 Hart Street Mentor, OH 44060
  • Description: 16.6 kW solar installation, which has offset 94+% of their electric use.