Licking County


The Licking County Green Energy Ohio Tour will take place September 27th and 28th, 2019 at various locations around the county. All locations are open for FREE, and open to the public. This year, choose from guided or self-guided tour options.  Reservations for the guided tour are encouraged but not required!

Self-guided tours will take place Friday, September 27, from 10AM – 5:00PM and Saturday, September 28, from 8AM – 5:00PM. Plan your tour by finding the sites you would like to visit below. Using the date(s) and time(s) stated that the sites are open and the map provided here to plan your route. Get on the road to a solar solution for you!

The guided tour will take place Saturday, September 28, from 9AM – 12:30PM and will follow the program below:

  • Look at EVs and talk to their owners
  • Informal workshop: Ohio’s Future with Solar Electric Green Energy
    • “Green Energy in Ohio”: Jane Harf, Director of Green Energy Ohio
    • “How solar electric works in Ohio”: Jordan Katz, Denison Professor
    • “Questions you must ask!”: Jordan Katz, Denison Professor
  • Tour of representative local homes:
    • Lechner Residence – Addressing all-electric home needs
    • Kipp Residence – Unique panel placement to power home
    • Drake Residence – Visit Village Roots Green Community
    • Laing Residence – Solar electric home using Tesla Powerwall
  • Licking County Tour After-Party
    • Saturday, September 28th 5PM
    • Homestead Beer Co.
      811 Irving Wick Dr. W, Heath, OH 43056
    • Celebrate the finale of the Licking County Tour with a craft beer or other beverage and great company!

Additional information resources are available at the Licking County Solar Co-op website

Miller Residence

This site has a 2.36kW grid-tied PV array
  • Address: 211 Crocus Court Newark, OH
  • Open House:  Saturday, 9AM – 4PM

This home features solar panels, Energy Star appliances, solar powered attic fan. The 2.36kW grid-tied PV array is composed of 8-295W Solar World photovoltaic panels, and 8 SolarEdge optimizers. The array has been operational since April 2017.

Evans Residence

2.12 kW of solar and passive solar
  • Address: 226 South Main Street, Granville, OH 43023
  • Open House: Saturday, 1PM – 4PM

Technologies featured at the site include solar panels, passive solar, and energy efficient systems. This site uses a passive solar window wall, which was retrofitted on the home in 1982. A PV solar array (2.12 kW) was installed on the garage roof in July 2013.

Lechner Residence

24 roof mounted 365 Watt solar panels for 8.76 kW
  • Address: 41 Denison Court, Granville, OH 43023
  • Open House: Saturday, 1PM – 3PM

The 8.76 kW solar electric system consists of 24 roof mounted 365 Watt solar panels each with a Solaredge P-400 DC optimizer, Solaredge SE7600H-US single phase inverter to convert DC to AC. Design objective was to provide up to 2/3 of the energy for the 1684 square foot all electric home. A natural gas whole house generator is used to provide power during grid outages. The system was installed May 2018. The solar electric is also used to charge a Toyota Prius Prime.

Rouse Residence

Solar Panels, Passive Solar, Solar Thermal, Battery Systems, Energy Efficient Systems, Biomass
  • Address: 6297 Lafayette Road, Granville, OH 43023
  • Open House: Saturday, 1PM – 4PM

This is a totally renewable energy home. This was achieved with high energy efficient passive solar, utilizing PV Solar electric (32 – 280 watt panels for 8.96 kW) with battery storage, and a 94% efficient biomass masonry heater to create a sustainable and beautiful living environment. Solar Electric system was installed in April 2014 when the home was built.

Brim Process Equipment, LLC.

  • Address: 2529 Burnside Road, Johnstown, OH 43031
  • Open House: Friday, 10AM – 3PM and Saturday, 10AM – 2PM
    • Appointments outside these times can be requested via email –

This is actually the site of Brim Process Equipment LLC., a green energy focused small business. This site features qty 87 – 230 Watt rated panels installed on our home and detached building that produce approximately 24 MegaWatt-hrs of electricity annually. Both structures have independent Geothermal HVAC systems that share a common horizontally drilled – 8 parallel line water loop totaling approximately 4000ft. These combined systems have allowed us to be a net negative energy user over the past 7 years.

Kipp Residence

  • Address: 145 Denison Drive, Granville, OH 43023
  • Open House: Saturday, 1PM – 3PM

Recently installed rooftop grid-tied PV array; ten 370W panels (5 south-facing, 5 east facing), 3.7 kWp; designed to offset 1/2 to 2/3 of electric bill.

Laing Residence

5.9kW solar voltaic system with Tesla Powerwall
  • Address: 494 North Granger Street, Granville, OH 43023
  • Open House: Saturday, 1PM – 3PM

This site is grid tied, 5.9kW solar voltaic system of 21 panels; 13 South and 8 East facing. It has the first functioning Tesla Power Wall installed in Ohio, ensuring continuous power when the grid is down. With central AC and dehumidifier, electric heat pump heating, electric washer and dryer, and on demand electric hot water, the annual electric bill was $312.15 (1,298 kWh August 2018 – July 2019).

Horning Lake House

  • Address: 3811 N Bank Rd. Millersport, OH 43046
  • Open House: Saturday, 1PM – 5PM

The site has 25 – 270 W roof mounted, solar panels with SolarEdge DC optimizers that use a single string inverter feeding into the main breaker panel and out to the electrical grid. This system has been in operation since March of 2015. Stats on monthly operation available. Parking in rear of house, solar panels on lakeside.

Denison University Biological Reserve

5580 Solar Panels, 62 25 kw inverters, 100-150 tracking rows and about 90,000 LF of DC wiring
  • Address: 1205 North St NW, Granville, OH 43023
    • Park in the Denison baseball parking lot
  • Open House: Saturday, 8AM, 2PM & 3PM

Take a short walk in the Denison University Biological Reserve and see the 2.33 megawatt solar array that provides approximately 15% of the college’s energy needs. Jeremy King, Director of Sustainability and Campus Improvement, will share the story of the solar installation, and how it contributes to the University’s ambitious carbon reduction goals.

Kinnard’s Solar Array

  • Address: 765 Licking View Dr. Heath, OH 43056
  • Open House: Friday, 3PM – 5PM and Saturday, 9AM –  4PM

The grid tied solar photovoltaic system, installed in 2018, consists of 51 (285watt) south facing panels for 14.5 Kw total and a 11.4 Kw Solar Edge inverter with Solar Edge electric usage sensing meter. The annual electric bill is under $200.

Katz Residence

  • Address: 229 Cherry Street, Granville, OH 43023
  • Open House: Saturday, 1PM – 4PM

Rooftop grid-tied solar PV array originally composed of twelve 340-W panels. Recently expanded to fifteen panels, and is now a 5.2 kW array which meets ~ 90% of home’s electricity usage. The system was installed in April of 2017.

Drake Residence

  • Address: 35 Old Sycamore Lane, Granville, OH 43023
  • Open House: Saturday, 1PM – 4PM 

This environmentally thoughtful and energy efficient home is located in Granville’s Village Roots Green Community. The roof-top solar electric system provides a significant part of the electric needs of the home. It utilizes 16 – 390 watts panels, inverters and batteries for short duration electric grid outages. Attention to energy efficiency of the home construction and living environment equipment was emphasized to reduce overall demand on the electric system. The system was installed in January of 2019.

Don’t forget to stop by the after-party!