Here’s a chance to tour a world-class facility with multiple renewable energy systems and net-zero emissions features!

Melink Corporate Headquarters

  • Address: 5140 River Valley Rd Suite A, Milford, OH 45150
  • Open House: Friday, 10AM – 4PM & Saturday, 10AM – 12PM

Melink Corporation’s campus near Cincinnati is noteworthy and visually striking. Located in pastoral area with a creek and wildlife nearby, their current headquarters has a 60-foot wind turbine, 107 kilowatts of solar arrays, and 24 electric car charging stations in the front yard. Not only do they have the renewable and energy efficiency mechanisms outside, but they strive to make their building Net-Zero Energy inside. The Melink team is constantly working hard researching new ways to help clients and developing new products and processes. Their work space is referred to as a clean energy innovation center; a test facility for all of ideas to validate the products and services are effective and easy for businesses to implement.

In just a few months, Melink Corporation will open a second headquarters on its campus. HQ2 will be a Net-Zero Energy building very similar to the existing Melink Corporation Headquarters, only very much improved technologically. A full thirteen years from the opening of HQ1 – HQ2 takes advantage of the years of research, development and lessons learned to create a building that will serve as a model for other businesses to build Net-Zero Energy buildings. And they are doing it for a very small cost premium. HQ2 will serve as an example to architects, engineers, and building owners on how you can cost effectively create a green building. HQ2 will include more solar arrays, battery storage, hybrid-geothermal HVAC and a soon to be patented sequence of operations never before seen in the building industry. Come see how Melink Corporation Walks the Talk.